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Ode to Orion Nebula

Oh cloud of star and mist,
What brings thee to me?
Your beautiful glow warms me;
Your soft yet bright hues make me wonder
Who made thee?
You foggy home of bright light,
What fantastical star shall come from thee?
No artist could paint
Your hues so bright.
Child, who painted thee
I’m the lenses of my telescope?
Who birthed thee
Into this frigid nursery of
Shimmering stars?
What mother? What Father?
Who swaddled you in light?
Child of God,
Shine on forever.
Shine on.
Oh graceful dancer,
Who taught thee to dance?
To spin? To swirl?
You move so freely and gently.
You buzz and him so softly.
None can hear your sweet tones
As you dance across the sky.
Child of God, who taught you
But God?
Shine on forever.
Shine on.
The lives of stars begin with you,
Dear one.
But what majestic boy
Can come from thee?
Child of light you’ll grow
To be a man of roaring light.
A man that only time
Can out live;
A man whose color will never fade.
Child of majesty,
Shine on forever.
Shine on.
Oh cloud of star!
Oh gentle mist!
The worth of thee;
The light of thee with never fade.
You never fade, but
Change you may
From child to boy
To fiery man of light.
The intertwining friezes of light,
Your pillars of faded blue,
The windows of humming white
Are your treasures.
They are more that silver
They are more than gold.
Shine on forever.
Shine on!
Oh painting of the open skies;
Oh child of heaven;
Oh child of God!
He birthed thee for light,
For beauty.
He painted you for awe,
For glory.
Child of God, shine on.
Shine on forever.
Oh sea of light and wonder,
You shimmer like the waves at noon;
The salty spray of the ocean
Are the stars.
The sun! The light!
If I could smell a hue so bright
I would die!
To suffocate from a smell
So pure,
So wonderful;
Like a cosmic rose
Of light,
Of wonder.
Oh rose, dear rose
Come back to me.
Do not flee
On the open sea of stars.
Do not leave
Like the foreign men of Mars.
Shine on forever.
Shine on!

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5 Nice things about myself.

Dang it….here goes nothing:

1. I have a healthy open mind. I love to study the works of others who have opposing beliefs because I believe that will help me to keep from being ignorant when I share my faith with others. 

2. I’m empathetic sometimes to a fault, but the other day, my best friend told me that to escape the troubles of his life, he talks to me..and that meant so much we both started crying haha. 

3. I believe in a God who loves me. ‘nuff said <3

4. I can translate my thoughts into art and love doing commissions for friends. 

and 5. I greatly appreciate all of my followers!!

I think I did that wrong, but hey I tried! 

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"I always take you seriously because we think alike."

Mom says I met you when I was three 

But I don’t remember that. 

What I do remember

Was that awkward trip to the mall, 

The man standing in front of me

Looked like me and my older brother

And yet different.

You talked fast like my brother

We all hit it off immediately;

I even remember the drink you ordered 

At Starbucks.

I was twelve. 

Now I’m eighteen, 

and somehow, 

You’re the one who knows me best. 

You’re the one who gives me the best advice. 

Mom hates that, but I value it

"I always take you seriously because we think alike."

We do. 

Thanks, Dad. 

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It’s taken me a while to understand that I don’t have to be defective.

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"So when is (we’ll call him Billy) coming home?"

My mom shuffled her feet

My step father snorted and walked upstairs

My older brother looked up at my mom

then back down at his phone

My sister asked again, 

This time looking at me

"Well," I thought

"He’s in longterm now."

"So..he’s not coming back?"

"Well not for a while."

That was the first time my sister’s face

lit up for something else besides donuts

"I can play video games without him bothering me!"

She raced upstairs to the Xbox

I was both amazed and crushed in that moment….

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To the pillow I have to keep washing
The bed unmade
The blankets in a pile
The shirts on the back of the chairs
Jackets on the floor
The shoes I misplaced
All the socks that disappeared
The pants covered in stains
The walls with dents in them
The refrigerator missing contents
The freezer becoming empty

To the stairs I crashed up and down
The doors I’ve slammed
The floors I’ve paced
The grass I’ve lied down on
The clouds I’ve called out to
The winds I’ve sang with

To everything in my path
Bipolar waits for no one
Not even me.

We Wait for No One ~T.T. 
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You see there are secrets
And then, there are Secrets
You know, the difference is
One you share with one person
The other with the One Person.

My secret is a little of both.

If it weren’t for an accident ,
It would be a Secret
But since the accident
I have one person to tell.

My secret?
Unless your military career
Was cut short by a car crash
I can’t tell you about mine
Cut short by a softball pitch

Secrets and secrets~ T.T.
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"Basically, God is telling you you’re a bada**"

I had a friend in the military 

Who once said, 

"Life gets hard and you have to stand up 

Maybe not first time but I always find ways

you stand because life knock you down hundred 

no thousand times and you just have to stand

thousand and one times you’re lucky you have

family and loved ones security I have nothing but 

you are strong girl? Okay okay I go to make candy now.”

He always smelt like stale bread and war 

and when he came home 

the house would fill up with the must of combat

good wine

and sometimes a gift for the little ones. 

"Don’t fall apart yet I need to send letter your home

and it’s not fair that things happen but happen for reason

you’ll make it just keep getting up 

I’m not religious but God gives tough battles to his 

strongest warriors and somedays you stronger than me okay 

We go on  boat trip when I get back!”

If you get back….

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Some whispers
Are meant to be heard after midnight
Some whispers
Are meant to be forgotten
Lost in the covers
Some whispers
Are meant to be thought of
Not spoken
Some whispers
Are meant to be caught between our dreams
But If I know you
I know what you’ll do
You’ll whisper it once
The way you did once
My lovely dream

Some whispers
Are meant to be caught upon the wind
Some whispers
Are meant to be left under the tables and chairs
Some whispers
Are meant to be left upon the shelf
But if I know you
I know what you’ll do
You’ll whisper it once
The way you did once
My lovely dream.

Sometimes I
Would whisper you things you’d say to me
Sometimes I
Would whisper you things you’d never think I would say
Sometimes I
Would whisper you things of torn degree
But If I know you
I know what you’ll do
You’ll whisper it once
The way you did once
My lovely dream

My Lovely Dream and Me (by me)
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Having Not Been Alive for *checks watch* Five Days

Having not been alive for four days

You’d imagine how much rotting I could have done

How much not thinking I could have done

How much wasting away i could have done

But I didn’t

Having not been alive for four days

You’d imagine how many seconds I couldn’t count

Until the last breath was more than just a memory

You’d imagine how many minutes it would take

Before my mind was soggy with the earth 

But it wasn’t

Having not been alive for four days

You’d ignore my absence

You’d go about your days, counting your own time,

Checking your own watch

And you did

Having not been alive for four days

You’d assume I was some sort of passing fancy

Some sort of dead language

Something the old peoples whisper about

Under ancient breath 

But I’m not

Having not been alive for

*checks watch*

Five days

I thought you would have checked by now

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"Kiss me, d*** it!"

*type type*


*type type type*




oh for goodness sakes…

*type type type*








*type type*


oh…okay then…

*type type type*




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