Hey guys! I extend a warm welcome to all of my new followers! thank you so much for following me, and if you’ve been following me for a while, thanks for sticking around!

Some updates and what not: I added links to both my twitter and instagram on my main blog (so you can see just how weird I really am I guess lol) and I’m in the process of a new Celtic Knot (which I will post updated pics on my secondary blog adelfoikaiadelfes). Two weeks ago, I change my major to Philosophy and hope to go on to Grad School after my undergrad and so on. I’ve got some poems (and songs :3) in the works so I’ll post them as the mood strikes…and yeah. 

Oh and I got a new snapback that makes me feel all spiffy :3 

thanks so much!

You’re friend, Pitoya Tux 

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Who needs morning texts from a boyfriend when you get morning emails from your grandmother, telling you how much she and your grandfather love you and how proud they are of the woman you’ve become. I think I’m the real winner here and…idk where I’d be without my grandparents!

My thoughts for today
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  • 3 days ago

Remember Me Tonight When You’re Asleep

"UAF 93" written on every pair of shoes;

I decide not to take the easy route to class

Call it foolish or exercise

or both, I find we all have those opinions.

This isn’t the first time a grandparent has called

asking me why I wasn’t with my friends 

on some prerecorded date;

I shrug, they never tell me they want to see me

so I never go. 

I pass so many people on the way to and from 

the destinations I choose for myself

and I never look at them longer 

than it takes me to adjust my glasses

I don’t want to catch anything. 

Bees don’t annoy me but

I tend to look like that lost freshman

walking past the Apiary and fighting off a bee or two. 

Yes, I’ll eat pizza on Friday. 

How come they see the anxiety

In the corners of my mouth

and not the soldier fighting for her life

echoed in every footstep I take…

Maybe I need a uniform like the rest of them

take up arms and stand beside 

all of the men and women who never cease

to inspire me

protect me

make me feel like I belong…

Reaching out to 

the Marine who saved my life

He always sends me letters 

Always takes the time to make sure I’m ok

Always tells me he’s coming home..

I always tell myself 

that one day 

one day, I’ll find my Marine

but it’s been a year now…

I know he’s dead but it’s ok. 

I’ll fight with him in my heart. 

Remember me tonight 

When you fall asleep…

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I should be allowed to cry on my birthday

Happy 19th to me :(
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The Number 14 and Other Things I Don’t Think About Daily

Aftertaste wasn’t the proper word for it
Neither was lingering sadness,
Regret, or even post-break-up blues
…I’m starting to think
The word I’m looking for
Is somewhere beyond the pages
Of Oxford, Webster
And those other stuffy know it alls.
The word I’m looking for is
More of a sound
A syllable
Or anguish
Muffled by pillows
Chocolate bars
And that third round of ice cream.
I think the word I’m looking for is
The sound of
Spoon on bowl
Pillow against bed
Shoes against floor
And heart against wall.
Who says that its better to have loved and lost?
Look at all the me-time I get!

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'If he truly loves you and wants to be with you, he'll tell you'. That's what they're saying a lot nowadays. Luckily for me, the One who loves me wrote a 66 chapter book outlining why he loves me and why he wants me to be with him eternally

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Canto XIX

Shaken to the core I stare yet further

Past the open scars in the foundations of my eyes

Past the holes in the walls of my mind

Past the tears in the fabric of my heart

Past the words strung together like the hanging noose

I stare at everything

Back and forth my eyes dart

Am I this

Or that 

Is this right

Is this wrong

I stare at Him

And He calms me down, 

Slowly He picks up the pieces and hands them to me


Do I want me back together…

Do I really want to see what I look like

Through my eyes

Or His? 

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What they didn’t realize is that when God planned you out, he decided to make the Queen of Badassery, now you just need to be that Queen because God has done a fantastic job. You just need to see it from His perspective.

Licky Icicle, from Blahtherapy, you’re the best venting buddy ever. thank you so much and God bless! 
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If You Put a Frog in Boiling Water, It Will Jump Out

When she said that, it confused me at first

I thought we were talking about my 

Significant other

I thought we were trying to find

A solution in this mess

But she said it confidently

And I wondered what that had to do 

With him.

She said it again, confidently, 

She told me how to kill a frog.

"What does this have to do with breaking up?" 

She laughed, “Sorry I should finish: 

If you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out,

But if you put a frog in cool water 

And slowly increase the temperature, 

It will stay there until it dies.”

I was still confused

She said it again, then added,

"If you rush it, it’s bound to go wrong, 

But if you take the time and talk to him,

Maybe you can convince him of something.”


Maybe I’ll convince him to kill a frog

and..maybe break up with me. 

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  • Anonymousfave blogs?
  • I have a lot actually, but these are my top fav: danieltoumine, tdlauber, wildflowerkfield8, humansofnewyork, peterdwebb, laughingsquid, raincium, and thegreatwaldeezy 

    thanks for the ask! 

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"I always take you seriously because we think alike."

Mom says I met you when I was three 

But I don’t remember that. 

What I do remember

Was that awkward trip to the mall, 

The man standing in front of me

Looked like me and my older brother

And yet different.

You talked fast like my brother

We all hit it off immediately;

I even remember the drink you ordered 

At Starbucks.

I was twelve. 

Now I’m eighteen, 

and somehow, 

You’re the one who knows me best. 

You’re the one who gives me the best advice. 

Mom hates that, but I value it

"I always take you seriously because we think alike."

We do. 

Thanks, Dad. 

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"So when is (we’ll call him Billy) coming home?"

My mom shuffled her feet

My step father snorted and walked upstairs

My older brother looked up at my mom

then back down at his phone

My sister asked again, 

This time looking at me

"Well," I thought

"He’s in longterm now."

"So..he’s not coming back?"

"Well not for a while."

That was the first time my sister’s face

lit up for something else besides donuts

"I can play video games without him bothering me!"

She raced upstairs to the Xbox

I was both amazed and crushed in that moment….

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